Athletics Blog

How well did I use a growth mindset to stay positive when the competition got tough?
Even when I knew I wasn't going to win I tried my best.

Did I manage to achieve my athletics goals and why/why not?
Yes because I made the top 3 in high jump.

In what ways did I represent my House well in the competition?
I wore house colour mufti

What did I do well and how do I know?
High jump because I made 1.10 metres

What was challenging and how do I know?
Discus because it can always be thrown further by someone else

What am I most proud of and why?
HighJump because I came third

Multiplication and Division

WALT use a range of strategies to solve multiplication problems.

WALT use doubling and halving to solve multiplication and division problems.


I Turned The Question Into 100x11 (doubling and halving)

128 / 8 =16

I made it 8 x 16 = 
8 x 8 = 64
Double 64 = 128

My next goal is to continue joining in more in maths sessions and to complete follow ups. 

Writing - Kraken Teaser

WALT write a moment in time using a picture prompt

I  saw the looming whale above me as I knocked it out of the water, grabbed it, then ate it.

I saw a tiny little man snapping photos and flashing my eyes. I saw him dragged into a van. I started chasing the van. I decided it wasn’t worth the risk. I wondered what on earth were they thinking. I saw several drones snapping photos of me. I smashed a few but there were a lot. I started towards a big building.

It was a sunny day by the ocean, hundreds of people were lying on the nice warm sand to see the whale migration heading south. Some lucky people were even out in boats or so they thought they were lucky. After a few whales passed by a giant 100 tonne whale was sent over 50 metres into the air then suddenly grabbed by massive tentacles, easily 400 feet long.