I have created a story you should like if your into fighting horror that kind of stuff. its called  THE HAUNTED HOUSE \ ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE  PART 1               My name is Billy Mutsock  Heapsbuttom.  Im 8 I had an ordinary life,[until that creepy old house was built] ever sense we have been daring each other to go in now where all 12 we decided we should go in after all nobody has gone in it for nearly 5 years. `now its time ` my friend Scotty said. `here we go`   Johnny said, `Lets do this` I say. As Johnny is oppening the door its creaks we are walking in floor creaking dolls laughing Wait! dolls laughing the ddoor slas behind us `Run` I heard Scott say, we run to the door `Its locked ` Johnny says spiders scrambling then I feel something grab me I look down theres a doll  `FUN` it says this is the end I think this is the end      THE HAUNTED HOUSE/ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE PART 2                                                                  previously on the haunted house part 1 `FUN` As Im thinking where dead I realize Im the only one dead I mean like um uh err uhh,  ok ok nobody is dead [Exept those spiders we stomped on...] anyways on with the death trip `think fast!` Scotty boy says I catch the knife not on the blade try to break the door open `Bent!` I say turns out a random axe is in the dolls hands Im running. Destroying spiders at same time I look down `O baby a TRIPLE!` I  say as I stomp on three spiders at once.`Help!` Johnny says `Its got me!` Scotty Sprints for him `I feel like Im in zombie  apocolypse!` I say run. Im running in circles I don`t know why. I run upstairs being chased here I think theres zombie Apocolypse going on 100,000 miles away and now Im being taunted by living dolls! WHAT IS LIFE who knows thats A good question this place is wreckage. Suddenly I hear banging  on the door I run to the doors `LET US OUT!` I scream the doors opened and... and... I saw it Z.O.M.B.I.E... we close the door run upstairs and.. and... jump out the window we all do we also faceplanted I run `Strait to the gunershop we go!` I say... To be continued ... the haunted house part 3

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