lately we have been working on chooknology we have had different tasks such as get a fruit with limited materials. We had a magnet,newspaper a straw two popsicle sticks and 2 meters of string ,we had to make a source of tecknology, tecknolgy is some man made to help people out with their lives our project was very succesful sadly after getting the fruit someone in our group of 6 broke it just to find the magnet. Turns out the magnet was on the floor but that wasn't the point our main was to build a chicken feeder as the problem was that the food gets dirty whilst on the ground there are 3 main groups the chicken feeder group the water group and the footpath group. I chose the chicken feeder group. after we made our source of tecknology, we got to then choose our own group of 3 my group was was Lillian Karlie and me. we work great together  in fact we are in front of all the other groups until both of them didn't turn up one day that day fell a bit behind that day. Meanwhile where still in front of about half the groups still and that day i didn't work but i planned so the next Thursday we new what to do and don't have to rethink no one like s to rethink.

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